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Haiti Passport & Visa Photo Requirements

Please Read Below For Details Prior To Visiting Our Studio:

  • Avoid white clothing because the portrait background for Haitian Passport Picture is white.
  • It is best to remove your glasses to eliminate any chances of rejection because of reflections.
  • Your expression must be neutral with no frowning or smiling.
  • You should be looking directly at the camera. Pictures even slightly in profile have been known to be rejected.
  • Your face should fill between 70 to 80% of the photo area.
  • Haitian Passport photographs must be taken by a professional studio.
  • Passport and Visa photo sizes and quantities of photos required change frequently. Please verify the photo specs with your Haiti embassy prior to visiting our studio.

Feldman's Photography will create two identical Passport photos for Haiti that will be exactly 2"x2" against a white background. The back of the photos will bear the seal of the photographer and date. The bearer will register his/ her name on the back of the pictures.

More Information about Haiti Passports and Visas:

  • To obtain a Haitian passport, one must be a Haitian citizen and furnish proof thereof. The Haitian Constitution does not allow people who were born in Haiti but who later changed their nationality to obtain Haitian passports.
  • Applying for a Haitian passport must be done in person at the Consulate so that a consular agent can witness the signing of the necessary forms.
  • Documents to submit:
    1. An original birth certificate or a certified copy from the Haiti National Archives.
    2. A fiscal identification card: a taxpayer I.D.
    3. Two recent and identical passport pictures.
    4. One piece of identification: a driver's license, a green card, or an old Haitian passport.
    5. Other types of identification depending on the gender and married state of the applicant.
    6. The original marriage license if the applicant is a married woman.
    7. The original certificate of divorce if the applicant is a divorced woman.
    8. A death certificate if the woman is a widow.
    9. A signed letter of authorization from the parent or the legal guardian if the passport is for a minor. He or she (parent) must also have a valid piece of identification.
    10. You need the Expired Haitian passport.

Haiti Passport Size

Haitian Passport

Please call 813-685-4343 for your Haitian Passport Photo appointment.



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