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Canadian Permanent Resident Photos

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Only Photography Studio in West Florida Recommended by Canadian Consulate

Canadian Permanent Resident

Photograph Requirements

Please Read Below For Details Prior To Visiting Our Studio:

  • CAUTION: Canadian Permanent Resident Photographs do not have the same head size requirements as Canadian Visa, Passport, Immigration or Citizenship photos and should be photographed by a professional portrait studio specializing in Canadian ID photos.
  • Avoid white clothing because the portrait background for Canadian Passport Photographs is white.
  • It is best to remove your glasses to eliminate any chances of rejection because of reflections.
  • Your expression must be neutral with no frowning or smiling.

Our studio will create identical Canadian Permanent Resident pictures (Canadian PR card) that will be exactly 35mm x 45mm finished size with a head size 25mm to 35mm from chin to crown. We will write the date the photo was taken on back of your photo. The number of photos required is different for each application. Canadian Citizenship photo will be have a gloss finish with no hard shadows and will be photographed in front of a solid white background.

Canadian Permanent Resident Photo Specs

The entire process should take less than five minutes.

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Please call 813-685-4343 for your Canadian Permanent Resident appointment.


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